Hanna Maria is an cozy restaurant which already has a 20-year history in Old Porvoo and it is one of the most popular dining places in Porvoo.

Finnish homely cooking in fairly big dishes is our brand. We prepare the food by ourself from the very beginning.

Since 2005 the restaurant area in the basement has been booked for groups. It seats 60 people and it offers fine atmosphere for celebrations, meetings and other occasions.

We offer catering of good quality for all kind of parties and jubilees. You can collect the delicacies from the restaurant or you can order an individual service by occasion.

Monica, Anna and the staff

Open 1.5.-31.8. :
Mon-Sat 8am-5pm, Sun 10am-5pm

At other times:
Mon-Sat 8am-4pm, Sun 10am-4pm

Diners restaurant Hanna-Maria is easy to come throughout the year. It is named by the daughters Hanna and Maria of the merchant Oskar Simolin who lived in Porvoo at nineteenth century. In the year 1866 was build a cargo ship which was also named after them. The model of the ship is in Porvoo Museum.

You can eat homely at Hanna-Maria and the commodities are suitable as well for families with children as for other lunch customers. The merry hostesses Gunvor Fagerholm and Monica Hänninen prepare them selves most of their commodities. Naturally the flavour of the food is based on the good quality of materials which are purchased from the local producers if possible. Mashed potatoes, breads fresh from oven, donuts and almond cakes are the nost famous commodities of Hanna-Maria.

Hanna-Maria has found its place as
a restaurant for Porvoo people
to lunch and for summer quests
of old town to rest. Hanna-Maria
desires to focus also in the future
on tasty and basic homely food
which is approved by culinarists as well.

Translated from: Topi Haapanen (edited): Itä-Uusimaa – Östra Nyland à la Carte,
Oy Kirjapaino tt tryckeri Ab, Porvoo – Borgå 1998